Metaphors of Space – Sydney Writers’ Festival The Event – May 2009

It was a great afternoon at the Bangara Mezzanine enjoying a glass of red amongst the architectural works and relaxing listening to poetry and Chris Smith’s presentation, a journey of philosophy, poetry and architecture.

The event, a creation of Mascara Poetry and MCHP Architects, associated eight award winning poets and three exciting architectural firms presenting their works.

The Student Housing project by Silvester Fuller explored densely housing students in a busy city context with the building facade expressing the interaction between student living pods and the outside environment. This association of inner city living tied with the work of Julie Chevalier the airport curfew begins at 06:00.

The Illuminated Ribbon facade of Innovarchi expressed a poetry of form and light developed through architectural and scientific analysis. The beauty of the work weaved with Margaret Bradstock’s poem the white place.

Welsh + Major Architects presented the work of Mario Licon Cabrera Casa Efimera through an expression of materiality with images of their terrace house project in Redfern. They also created an intricate kirigami expressing elements of the timber windows of the old wharf encompassing the Bangarra Mezzanine space and the windows of the Blues Point Tower which dominates the skyline from the mezzanine windows.

An array of inspired and captivating poetic works on architecture and space were performed by Elizabeth Hodgson, Pam Brown, Peter Boyle, Andy Quan and David Musgrave.