Mayor Welcomes MCHP Architects’ Proposed 50 Residential Apartment Development – August 2013

15 August 2013

First 6-storey DA for Wenty in the works

Holroyd City Council Mayor Ross Grove has welcomed a Development Application (DA)from MCHP Architects to build 50 new residential units and a centre for new businesses in Wentworthville.

The 6-storey DA, projected to cost nearly $14 million, is the first of many major developments to work with the new building height limits set by Holroyd’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013.

“Earlier this year, we called for people to get behind revitalisation plans and play their part in securing the future of Wentworthville,” said Holroyd City Council Mayor Ross Grove.

“We believed this key development control would respond to Council’s vision to provide for Wentworthville, and to meet the future social and economic needs of the community.

“Investors are stepping up, with MCHP lodging their proposal on the same day as Council’s new blueprint came into action.

“There has been a response in our attempts to attract them into our community,
reinvigorating the City with new built forms, and housing that meets the needs of homeowners and future residents.

“With our future projects and plans guided by the LEP, Wentworthville will grow to cater for its residents, investors, workers and visitors.”

MCHP Architects Director David Cahill on site with photo proposal.

The building is proposed to improve the standard of residential accommodation for the area with sustainable yet affordable living.

“With the location in close proximity to transport and activity, the development allows Wentworthville to be heralded as a great place to live and help bring the area to life,” said MCHP Director David Cahill.

“The commercial space has flexibility including room for a restaurant, shop front business or small retail.

“To create long term sustainable developments within the allowable uses of the LEP, MCHP envisions vibrant interaction amongst residents and businesses that are in demand by the local community.

“It’s about bringing this Wentworthville corridor to life with new social and town planning opportunities, and giving the area a high standard of development to engage with.”

The application will be placed on public notification later this month.