The architectural process, in overview, involves:

Finding & Selecting an Architect

Referrals, do you feel comfortable with your architect, expertise for your project.

Architect’s Proposal for Services

Fee proposal, determination of scope of services, indication of consultant’s required.

Initial Analysis

Site and environmental analysis, council and authority analysis.

Brief Development & Sketch Design

Development of the client’s aims and requirements, designing and refining the proposed project. Can the project be built for your budget.

Documentation for Council & Authority Approval

The extent of works for Development Applications and Construction Certificates depend on the project and particular Council and generally include drawings, specifications, statement of environmental effects, shadow diagrams, site analysis, etc. This stage also involves liaison with other consultants, eg engineers.

Tender & Construction Documentation

More specific documentation of a project for builders tendering and construction, co-ordination of consultant’s documentation.

Calling & Assessment of Building Tenders

Arranging and reviewing building quotes.

Contract Administration (administration of the contract on behalf of the client)

Site visits and review of building works, assessment of builder’s progress claims (invoices for works undertaken).

Further services include

Post occupancy evaluation, as built documentation for future records, presentation documentation for project sales.

Left: Project initiation – finding and briefing an architect
Right: Analysis and initial conceptual design

Left: Design refinement and project documentation
Right: Completion after contract administration