MCHP Architects undertake Development Capability Studies to provide our clients with the advantage of development intelligence and knowledge to understand the true potential of their site or project.

These studies investigate current regulatory authority policy and site opportunities and constraints. Initial concept designs may be undertaken to establish a preliminary building arrangement and preliminary ballpark project costings.

Development Capability Studies may be carried out to determine the potential of any proposed project from residential duplexes and villas to commercial, multi-unit residential, industrial, subdivisions and mixed use developments. These studies may be undertaken to help establish the value of a property for sale, either selling as is or by gaining a development application approval, or for the client to actually build the project.

Some general issues for clients considering development

Client Intentions: it is important that the architect is made aware of the client aims and priorities –

  • profit, functional improvement, aesthetic improvement, etc.
  • programme / budget / quality (project market)


Good Design: well considered designs are more marketable and often provide better return. Some items to consider include –

  • Functionality – well considered arrangements and cost effective design.
  • Environmental – incorporating good environmental design will provide a better environment for building occupants and potentially cheaper running costs.
  • Aesthetics & Emotional Appeal – a well considered visual appearance, spatial feel and use of quality materials will tend to attract a higher sale price and be more appealing for its inhabitants and surrounding environment.
  • Market Requirements – understand the market

Council policies – becoming more “design merit” based

Preliminary studies

Rendered perspectives – help the client to visualise the design concept